Should we get a Patreon account? discussion! #brony #discussion

As AlicornRadio is a Free station, and I want to keep it that way… I got approached a few times (like 4 times) about making a Patreon account.

Honestly I am unsure if I should make an creative account (I already have a personal) and open up one for alicornradio. As other brony groups are using it, I’d like your opinion about us getting a patreon.

Send us a e-mail [email protected] or comment below!

Review of Season 5, Episode 7, “Make New Friends but Keep Discord” #MLPSeason5 #brony #mlpfim

Greetings and salutations, everyone! It’s been a while since my last post and I’m sorry that everything got delayed (again). Hopefully once I catch up with these reviews, I won’t fall as far behind as I have lately. I’ll be posting them in a bit of an odd order, so just bear with me.

Go below the break for my thoughts on Episode 7 of this season, “Make New Friends but Keep Discord.”

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Does anyone play Wurm Online? #brony #bronies

I am considering making this the game we play on our next podcast if enough people want to play or already play this game… since runescape is well… runescape and I’d like to have a bit more freedom to do more things in a group. The game must be free to play as well low impact so people with tablets can play… (yet you have to change the settings to reduce lag).

If you have, don’t but will play or can’t and want to offer a better suggestion PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!

Help xXMizzBinksXx to get a mother’s day present special commissions #brony #bronies

Any Artist that doing a special contact me at [email protected]

Hey hun, i wanted to ask if you wanted a 10$ commission its full colored and shaded and it will look like this
i want to do something nice for my mother for mothers day, i will be taking 8 more slots for 10$ bust pics colored and shaded it can be either ponies, aliens, furries, humans anything. if you have any thing you need to ask me just IM me on my deviantart page 

1) how long will it take for a commission to be finished

depends on what kind of oc it is i can do it in a day really but the longest it will take is 3 days.

2) what will you draw? or won’t

i will draw alien,monsters,ponies, furries ,humans. Anything I wont draw anything gross morbid or anything that’s a nasty thing (No Adult content)

3) what payment types will you accept?

i will only take paypal