March 16th Commissions and moar! #bronies #brony

So far, I have went though the Soundcloud Group and moderated submissions that where over 4 months old pending of 65 songs (Sorry!) I been busy like always with family issues and moving out of a apartment complex that was horrible, But enough about me… Here are some Artists looking for commissions:

[Deviantart] [Patreon] [Art Stream]
She is a staff member of alicornradio and Artist, she does animations as well.


[Deviantart] [Twitter] [Art Stream]
He is a long podcast guest and awesome artist… I find his art style very interesting!


 [Deviantart] [Tumblr]
Plushie maker, using minky… almost looks like ponies on the show!

Got a commission slots empty you want to get filled, send a e-mail to [email protected] with a link to your artwork… We generally only accept general rated artists but if you do adult work we would like a link to your general rated pages and commission page.