Status Report: March 24

Hello Royals,

I bet you all are doing swell, I hope you are, and seeking friendships out there in the world around you. As you all have heard in my youtube report in I moved to my sister’s place. I like to add to that report and maybe make a message to those having marriage issues but both parties love each other:

My Sister and her husband had an issue… one wasn’t listening to the other and issues escalated til they break apart for a bit and come back together again. This happened after New Year’s as I am pretty clear that it was a clear sign of poor communication and both physical/mental issues that each other have. Which enforced the husband to leave… I had no issues with either party and made clear I wouldn’t get involved or damage the process to allow them to fix everything again finally closing their problems and build a better bridge to each other.

As I know they are meant for each other as they complement each other very well. As this wasn’t the first time for they went ahead and broke up for a trial period to recover from a fight that was boiling in them. They almost forced each other to seek therapy and friends reached out to help. I moved in to be additional eyes and ears for them to make sure the children (my nephews) would have an adult in the house while they worked or was away from home.

After their sessions and finally taking the time to each other (since most of the stress was removed), they made the choice to finally move back together.

My point is this: “Any fight you have, any battle you face your partner… You need to be able to talk and lay down your arms to come together as the world is your challenge and having someone got your back is great. Would you be Right or having someone on your back?”