The Gallery of Brony Art – Week 1 #brony #bronies #mlpfim #MLPSeason5 #bronyart #mlpart

Hey everyone, time for some artwork! Here are some picks from artists across the fandom. To see them, go beyond the break!

Motocrosser” by uotapo


So, this piece by uotapo, who mostly does Equestria Girls art, is quite interesting (and awesome) for two reasons. Firstly, it seems very fitting that Sunset would be a motocross racer. Even though she’s not a character who is necessarily known for her speed or athleticism, just the idea of her as a dirt bike racer seems “right.” I don’t really have much of a justification for that impression, but I somehow think that I’m not the only one who feels that way. Secondly, the subtle detail of Sunset’s hair and even the bike itself (especially the inclusion of her cutie mark as a decal/design on the quarter plate near the exhaust) is a nice touch.


Commission – They’ll finally understand! +Timelapse” by thetriforcebearer


What intrigues me about this drawing is how genuine and joyful Starlight Glimmer’s smile is. It’s so much different from the smile that she plastered on during the Season 5 two-part premiere. Thetriforcebearer makes Starlight seem like she’s actually sincere with her intentions or, at the very least, that she doesn’t have ulterior motives. In other words, this drawing shows Starlight Glimmer in a different light than the show did by making her zeal and enthusiasm for equality seem much less about power and control and more about helping out her “converts.” Or maybe I’m just over thinking all of this and it’s just a really nice picture of Starlight Glimmer.


Octavia, Song for you” by FushigiOoka


The accentuation of the background elements of this drawing over the foreground is what I think really makes this drawing work. FushigiOoka¬†silhouettes Octavia in the foreground and concentrates more on the visualization of Octavia’s music floating through the air and the somewhat “Romantic” characteristics of where she is playing her song. Yes, I did intend to capitalize Romantic in that last sentence. The picture seems to highlight more of the “sublime” aspects of nature than anything relating to interpersonal romance (though that is a theme in this picture). Either way, this piece of art is pleasant to look at no matter how you choose to approach it.


My Little Miku 2.0” by secret-pony


How could we leave out our favorite Vocaloid character in pony form? Honestly, I don’t have much else to say about this drawing. It’s cute and faithfully captures Miku’s whimsical and carefree attitude. Can’t really comment too much on something that speaks well enough for itself!

That’s it for this edition of The Gallery of Brony Art. Swing by next week for four more picks from different artists!


~Alptraum Mond


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