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Hey, everypony! Sorry about the delay on getting these posts out, but you’ll be seeing content from me on a regular basis from here on out. So without further ado, let’s look at some tracks that have been remixed/released by musicians around the fandom since the Season 5 premiere. More below the break!

Vaceslav, The L-Train, FritzyBeat, Evdog, CxDr, Itchigotchi, and EnsionDFriendship Through the Ages (Cover)

When Hasbro released “Friendship Through the Ages” along with two other tracks that didn’t make into the final cut for Rainbow Rocks (namely “My Past Is Not Today” and “Life Is A Runway”), I was ecstatic to see how the fandom would remix and cover these songs. Considering that the long hiatus caused a bit of a “creativity drought” in the fandom’s music scene, it seemed inevitable that the release of these tracks as well as the start of Season 5 would provide musicians with the impetus to create more remixes, original songs, and whatnot.

Vaceslav, a still somewhat-unknown instrumentalist and producer in the fandom, teamed up with both veteran brony musicians like Evdog, CxDr, and The L-Train as well as relatively  newer artists such as Fritzybeat and EnsionD to do a cover of this song. Something that caught my eye immediately was that the video cover art used highlighted/recolored text to indicate which artists/instrumentalists were featured in any given part of the song. It reminded me of the Youtube video for a song off of Rainbow and Rooted by Evdog, Automatic Jack, RainbowJack, Oliver Lacota, Jesse Carlson, and Metajoker titled “Made Up Your Mind,” which has a  visual style similar to the one in this video for this cover.

My only gripe with this cover is that some of the vocal harmonies have a bit of unpolished sound to them. In other words, I almost get the feeling that if Vaceslav or whoever did the mixing for the song had listened to it a few extra times before mastering it and releasing it, the vocal mixing, at the very least, would have come out sounding a bit cleaner. This cover overall, however, is fantastic. Kudos to all the artists featured on this track!


174UDSI – In Our Town (Remix) 

Moving onto music from the new season of the main show, we have a remix of “In Our Town” by 174UDSI. As someone who’s listened to dozens of this artist’s remixes of official MLP:FiM songs over the last couple of years, I have to say he often finds a way to mold even the most solemn or classically inspired songs from the show into electro-groove or “New Wave-esque” songs. What surprised me most about this track, however, is the way in which 174USDI managed to take a very majestic-sounding marching anthem and reimagine it as  an electronica dance track. Though I was a bit thrown off by Starlight Glimmer’s vocal track being pitched up a few steps and the absence of the other voices from the chorus of the song, this remix is still a good listen for sure.


FreewaveShiny Happy Ponies

As the cover art indicates, this song by Freewave isn’t quite a remix of a song from the show so much as a cover, specifically of the R.E.M. song, “Shiny Happy People.” As such, the melodies and chord structures are very similar—if not identical—to that in “Shiny Happy People,” though Freewave does shift the key of “Shiny Happy Ponies” up a few steps from the original song.

What’s interesting about this song is what Freewave himself says inspired him to create this cover of “Shiny Happy People.” In the video description, Freewave says:

“I was inspired to do a ponified electropop cover of R.E.M.’s Shiny Happy People as it originally is about Communist Propaganda that fits The Cutie Map’s themes well. I like the idea of a happy electropop tune with a sinister message underneath. This will likely end up on my upcoming ponified covers album (see my linked video at the end for more info). I haven’t made a track in under a week in a long time and it was great practice doing that and also using a vocoder (Jackleapp / Glaze style).”

In other words, Freewave not only shifted the genre of the song itself from 90s/early 2000s rock to electropop in this cover, but also chose to cover “Shiny Happy People” in particular because of its thematic connection to the two-part premiere itself.

Those are all  the songs I have for now. A playlist of these three songs can be found on my YouTube channel, linked here. Come back to the Alicorn Radio homepage next week to see some more good, fan-created music in the next music showcase!

~Alptraum Mond

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