Hello Everyone! Your Friendly Neighborhood @Ethan_Pow Here! #brony #bronies

Its been too long and honestly I can’t wait to see new stuff happen. I been procrastinating and working editing oddjobs I get (I don’t make enough, send help!) while I wait… I keep looking at the news (which is depressing) ,Politics (which make me annoyed), Gaming (Its helps… but a sugar pill can only get you so far.) and checking in on some of my friends.

I been thinking about alicornradio, so far its been running autodj for months now… Finding a DJ that doesn’t disappears or gives up trying to learn how to use streaming software (sometimes Real Life gives you lemons… evil lemons). I have no reason to stop alicornradio and even if PVL somehows disappears (I doubt that happening anytime soon.) I have stated that I would keep alicornradio running even if its the last one running. Its something I still standby on since I first started, If I am going to get to town I need to keep going!

Personally, Its not rainbows as I am getting the warning that my father is leaving and I am heading back to Oregon. My Plan is to move into with a friend and I hope to start doing more work I am now with more clients. To get good quality contacts it takes some tireless work that keep you drained. Thinking about it makes me want to play a game…. Speaking of games

I did play overwatch when it was open beta… It was fun til I keep getting killed by constant ults, Getting stunned… Not many ways to counter. The Lore is pretty wicked and I hope blizzard gets into doing some serious movie of that IP.

I do have something to ask of any Royal looking at this article right now. If you could have one selfless wish, what would that wish be? 


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