I’m back! A Brief Summary of What Happened Over the Last Half a Year

Hello, everyone! It’s been about half a year (or possibly more) since I’ve written anything on here, but I’m back to writing on here! I had to take a break after Season 4 ended back in the spring last year due to a few things. Want to know what kind of roller coaster ride I’ve been this last year? Well, take a seat, grab a drink and snack, and go below the break ┬áto read what things have happened to me this last year.

So, just to catch you all up, I had been hired to a warehouse job at a small company in my area right around the time Season 4 was wrapping up. The review I wrote on the Season 4 finale was actually written right around the time that I was starting a month of full-time work there. Let’s just say that working 38 hours a week doing heavy lifting and repetitive physical tasks sort of slowed down not just how fast I could write up reviews for Alicorn Radio, but also how quickly I could get non-work tasks done in general.

On top of that level of physical labor, I had to manage a long-distance relationship with someone who I am no longer with. Sure, back then, maintaining that relationship was a labor of love (no pun intended), but it would definitely drain time and energy from me.

Finally, back in September, I was hit with a wave of fatigue from which I’m still reeling today. I was already in the process of getting in to see a rheumatologist before my “big crash,” and when I finally did get to see him for our first appointment, he informed me that it’d be a wise idea to get genetic testing done to see if I might have mitochondrial disease. As of now, the blood sample needed for the test has been sent off to a genetics testing lab to be examined. The process takes about 4-5 months and the sample probably arrived at the lab right around the beginning of March; so, in all likelihood, I will know the results around early June/July.

So, that pretty much covers why I’ve been absent from the site here. Health problems and interpersonal relationship troubles make for one nasty concoction of stress. But, I’ve taken time to recuperate myself in terms of my health and I’ve seen my condition improve slowly, but steadily over the last few months. I don’t know when I’ll be returning to finish out my Bachelors degree(s), but it should hopefully be within this year or by sometime next year.

Anyway, this post took longer than I expected to actually complete, but I should be able to get more done each week.As before, I’ll be reviewing/showcasing music, artwork, and videos from the fandom, plus some possible “think pieces” (to borrow from Diamond Tiara in “Ponyville Confidential”) in the near future. “What will they be about?” you may ask. Well, guess you’ll just wait and see.

~Alptraum Mond

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