Copyright Shark…. Youtube…. UGH

Well some of our stream archives have gotten copyright claims and as such they where taking revenue over music we had Personal permission with the artist. However this claim was done by a 3rd Party that “might” have a agreement with said artist and thought we where using the music unjustly for some reason and all monetized effort went to that company. There was even a rejection to that video when we provided proof of right to use music.

I dealt with the content ID junk before where the music that was being claimed to be on the video… wasn’t… but this was music we had permission with to use… and it was used when we where talking. Hell content ID seems to only go after our some of our newest livestreams. I normally have to claim fair use as we where talking and the music was very silent (otherwise I would cut the audio and be done with it… however it didn’t fix the issue for some of the newest archives)

I pretty much deleted videos that had this issue… Yet it was only streaming content and we can always make new content… It hasn’t effected our other content on our channel (Thank goodness) and therefore hasn’t cause any strikes on the account. We just need to change how we stream to reduce or remove further strikes.