Call to Art! MOAR HEADERS! #brony #bronies

Hello every Royal,

I am seeking fanart for our radio in form of headers. We just have the following that must be followed if you wish to submit one:

  • Header Suggested width is 2600 pixels. Suggested height is 500 pixels.
  • PG rated, I don’t want to make people eyes bleed… or irritated… eh…
  • Holiday based headers are ok but we like all year round headers
  • Can be related to Ponies or not… (Psh if someone made a undertale version of our header, I’d give you all the hugs)
  • Submit links or attachment to [email protected]

References (ones I could find… might update later when I get more references):

EthanPow (Human OC) (Ponified)
Delta Pow (Pony OC, Mascot)

(Manager – 11newells)
Pony OC

(Staff – Maizox)
Pony OC
Human OC

(Staff – Rook458)
Reference Unavailable at this time.

(Staff – Vindex)

(staff – LordPrettyPie)

Pony OC

(staff – SuitedBrony)
Reference Unavailable at this time.

(staff – Xenstroke)
Reference Unavailable at this time.

(staff – PraetorianOverlord)
Pony OC