Of Sound Body, Of Sound Mind #wisdom

As our hearts beat for life to flow til the day we can’t go any further we all leave behind a path that allows our allies to move forward. Do we have our bad times or for shake for looking at our good times. Seek Judgement or Revenge… Forgiveness and peace? Alas we can’t always be sure but if we always second guessing our choices will achieve nothing and stuck in a loop. We can’t just live in our desires of bliss if that is even tranquil or chaotic. As our own selfishness can be our own regret as our reset button only works once in a while.

Is it our will to bring war? is it to stand up?, to fight, to defend or perish? Personally I wish I could have the omnipotence to fix things… yet even with great power and the responsibility to use it wisely mistakes will be made. to ensure peace can ensure enslavement… What guiding words when your stuck with an ultimatum that both can’t work regardless of best intentions. To accept power is the accept the faults that come with it, hiding from it would become your terror and forever be your downfall unless you own up to them and become powerful to accept the punishment with it.

With sound body and mind… Determination to do good and not be corrupted by greed and selfishness we can do great things for everyone than just ourselves.