What is a Brony? is it a furry? #brony #furry

This seems to come up quite a bit and something that even to this day seems to be quite unclear. These fandoms have been blended for years now and constantly confused with the other for no reason. Generally the call of “group A can also be group B but not all of group A in group B.” Let drive in shall we?

Furries existed for ages… I mean before Disney anthropomorphic animations… because there been many people out there before the modern times that though of themselves as animals spiritually granted it wasn’t anthropomorphic in a physical way but more¬†anthropomorphism¬†in a mental way. A talking dog unlike a dog with a mix of shape of animal and man. Recently Furries are more of strong consumers/enthusiast of anthropomorphic content, if it be comics like two kinds, corporations like Disney or independent artists for commission. ¬†Regardless of Rating or explicit content, furries, have been target for larger periods than bronies have far longer I have been alive. Granted it wasn’t always focused but furries have always been labeled weird or disgusting by peers.

Bronies been only recently in comparison but the general enthusiast is normally in for the decent story over a ear ripping horror that most young children shows are. A well designed show that captivated millions (yes millions) into a group of fans. Like furries bronies share this weird tag, well at least the male bronies do, as media outlets jumped on this phenomenon to openly mock and smash it which gave it more attention and in turn made it grow even faster. Granted its a anthropomorphic content but yet there was a large distaste for bronies from the furry fandom (in my perspective anyway). This might have been from more attention to furries and more hounding that was finally dieing down. It was like a very loud party that didn’t seem to stop. Its understandable that furries got annoyed with the big bang of memes, content and such that seems to overwhelm any user in a sea of ponies.

As such furries could like some anthromorphic content… If it was for explicit or general content but even furries don’t all consider themselves bronies and as such ,The basis of all of this is, if your not a fan of MLP:FiM but love anthropomorphic content then by stance your interests align with the furry fandom… If your not interested in animal anthropomorphic content but enjoy the show then you would be aligned more for the brony fandom on the simplest of terms.

Granted there are hybrid fans of both fandoms but that doesn’t mean its always the case because everything isn’t for everyone. Remember that next time you run into another fellow brony or a furry for what ever your interests might be.

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