Suicide isn’t the answer #RealLife

Passing of a person is a sad thing that seems to be disrespected, a life that was torn away from the pressure of sociological structure that crumbles without showing any signs till it’s too late.

A few days ago a person named Daniel of Cyndago took his own life that at first was unsuccessful but ultimately succeeded. We will never know what was going through the mind of this person… Or what caused the tick to make him choose to leave behind a life that was not only successful but filled with friend’s n family that love him. Something that will keep me up at night wondering would could have been done but since I never knew him, I will never find an answer. It made me think of horrible truth of our existence and what we can learn from it.

Over a year ago, another man… If not a great man… that showed us laughter and how to smile. Who made us grow and learn. Who was a genie, a bat and much more… Robin Williams who also took his life… Which we will never know the full reasons why he did it.

Also fellow Bronies that have taken their lives because of the torment others have give them. Its a world we live in, even with friendship, this place isn’t the happy and accepting place we hoped it to be.

Why should people take their life? Why do they suffer and not let others know? Why do they make the final act to end their existence? It’s something that can’t be understood as we don’t know what was going through the minds of those most likely suffering so hard they can’t take it anymore. It’s a sad thing but yet Suicide is something that people take pride for… they get happy when someone throws their life away. Like it some achievement to be had; the horrible person that goes so far to laugh and smile at those that suffer so much and I come to ask people like this (To see people kill themselves in pleasure), “what if you were in their shoes… you give up your life because the pressure too much… just to be made a fool of. If you feel so happy when someone kill themselves then you don’t deserve the kindness of others, success or honor… maybe you should be in their place instead.”

Honestly, they wouldn’t listen and maybe never learn. They will be the problem and will always be labeled as such but if you or someone else you know is considering to kill themselves, They only end to hurt the ones close to them… If its pain or suffering then you should say something and seek help. If you keep the burden hidden… It will ONLY get worse, there is no shame to share your pain in hopes to repair it.

Easy path might seem easy, to give up is a difficult path for others. Though there are voices out there, speaking horrible things, they know nothing who you really are and if you doubt yourself then look to the people that helped you to guide yourself back to align yourself back to standard that no one can take from you. You are loved even though you told otherwise… Hating or being pushed too far isn’t far for those.

Never Listen to the Trolls, Never Sell yourself short, Never let bad things be the focus of your life…. and NEVER think its a good idea to kill yourself because you might be passing up something better.

Remember that!

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