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LimitBreak! What about it?

Hey Royals,

EthanPow here and I went ahead to do a DJ Session which I called “LimitBreak!” which if you played Final Fantasy games you might get the reference. This session is for anime/cartoon covers/remixes… IE like stronger than you, swordland, one punch man opening, and don’t forget Dragonball. I will expand more music when I can find them and if they follow the strict no cursing and no mature theme policy I have set for the radio.

If you guys want I will make this a regular thing every Sunday morning (which would be the best time when I am alone at home to do it.) I would like suggestions anywhere so please go ahead and share them here. Maybe I can get a song that was covered by an awesome artist.


Dawn of the Division or #seriously2016isalandfill

I been watching some articles and glancing over others. I hate Election year as its when the most stupid things seem to happen the most and afterwords it seems that people want to forget (really want to forget the hate and in tolerate) that this world places.  With people unable to compromise or unable to allow research to see where problems can be fixed our world is now being effected by humanity when it shouldn’t. Without going into detail people need to stand down from red alert and be able to think about the good for all than the good for themselves. Greed or entitlement to powers that the populate grant to others. Its pretty big issue that seems to seep into other countries as well… IE dubbed “Americanism” which seems to give horrible effects to world culture I assume not for positive ways.

Now back to America… When I meant entitlement I’m stating that groups of people are thinking they have more ownership over the county or they are the ones to help it the most and in factors they are not correct (and others they might have a point) when your a citizen of the United states or any country that has democracy as their cornerstone… your citizenship is a single share of a company… everyone has a single share… a single voice in a land of many… No one voice should overpower other voices. Some are helpful and some are toxic but we all have equal say to it. When someone claims that your vote doesn’t matter or yourself believes it is a way to discredit yourself. If everyone votes every election cycle most likely our outcomes might be better. I feel that we have too many intelligent people not voting and when it goes wrong they can’t blame anyone.

but Seriously…. 2016 is a landfill of all the event happened… I only wish whoever is elected does in fact fix the problems then allow them to continue.

Of Sound Body, Of Sound Mind #wisdom

As our hearts beat for life to flow til the day we can’t go any further we all leave behind a path that allows our allies to move forward. Do we have our bad times or for shake for looking at our good times. Seek Judgement or Revenge… Forgiveness and peace? Alas we can’t always be sure but if we always second guessing our choices will achieve nothing and stuck in a loop. We can’t just live in our desires of bliss if that is even tranquil or chaotic. As our own selfishness can be our own regret as our reset button only works once in a while.

Is it our will to bring war? is it to stand up?, to fight, to defend or perish? Personally I wish I could have the omnipotence to fix things… yet even with great power and the responsibility to use it wisely mistakes will be made. to ensure peace can ensure enslavement… What guiding words when your stuck with an ultimatum that both can’t work regardless of best intentions. To accept power is the accept the faults that come with it, hiding from it would become your terror and forever be your downfall unless you own up to them and become powerful to accept the punishment with it.

With sound body and mind… Determination to do good and not be corrupted by greed and selfishness we can do great things for everyone than just ourselves.

Should we get a Patreon account? discussion! #brony #discussion

As AlicornRadio is a Free station, and I want to keep it that way… I got approached a few times (like 4 times) about making a Patreon account.

Honestly I am unsure if I should make an creative account (I already have a personal) and open up one for alicornradio. As other brony groups are using it, I’d like your opinion about us getting a patreon.

Send us a e-mail [email protected] or comment below!

Does anyone play Wurm Online? #brony #bronies

I am considering making this the game we play on our next podcast if enough people want to play or already play this game… since runescape is well… runescape and I’d like to have a bit more freedom to do more things in a group. The game must be free to play as well low impact so people with tablets can play… (yet you have to change the settings to reduce lag).

If you have, don’t but will play or can’t and want to offer a better suggestion PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!

March 16th Commissions and moar! #bronies #brony

So far, I have went though the Soundcloud Group and moderated submissions that where over 4 months old pending of 65 songs (Sorry!) I been busy like always with family issues and moving out of a apartment complex that was horrible, But enough about me… Here are some Artists looking for commissions:

[Deviantart] [Patreon] [Art Stream]
She is a staff member of alicornradio and Artist, she does animations as well.


[Deviantart] [Twitter] [Art Stream]
He is a long podcast guest and awesome artist… I find his art style very interesting!


 [Deviantart] [Tumblr]
Plushie maker, using minky… almost looks like ponies on the show!

Got a commission slots empty you want to get filled, send a e-mail to [email protected] with a link to your artwork… We generally only accept general rated artists but if you do adult work we would like a link to your general rated pages and commission page.