ah…ah… shush you…(rage) #brony #bronies 0

ah…ah… shush you…(rage) #brony #bronies

A last few days I noticed a few tweets on the ‘brony’ and ‘bronies’ tracker to see what being said… and sometimes it isn’t good (not counting bot accounts). Something I see as a common reminder of outrageous excuses why they are anti-brony… some legal every single brony with sheer ignorance blame what they hear as 100% fact without being a mature and knowledgeable adult and take the time before coming to a conclusion. I...

Commissions Wanted (Artists with slots open) #brony #bronies 0

Commissions Wanted (Artists with slots open) #brony #bronies

http://leximoon.deviantart.com/ has slots open! taking requests for Canon crossovers: http://leximoon.deviantart.com/journal/Taking-requests-464245024 http://owl-parchment.deviantart.com/ has slots open! http://djnightmar3.deviantart.com/ has slots open! If your Friend has a Deviantart account and wants to have their commission slots being promoted LET ME KNOW ASAP! comments/E-mail/Twitter etc… send me a note!

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How Strong is Equestria? Pony Strong I guess. #brony #bronies

Hay everypony, Ethan Pow here to do a review about Equestria’s military status as far as its been made clear in the show only… (Since I am not well versed in the official comic I will not count that in this review) Now its my understanding that the military power is either outside Equestria borders (since its been made clear in the show that Equestria is a nation not the planet or world which they...

Delta’s Cutie mark story #brony #bronies 0

Delta’s Cutie mark story #brony #bronies

For those who haven’t seen his cutie mark, here it is… and I have some backstory to this cutie mark that may or may not be awesome. The cutie mark the beauty of life and the pains of power, Delta being a Complex good individual he will come across choices that make friendship very difficult for him. For even before he became a alicorn (or a pony for that matter) he was a crystal, well...



http://cybiline.deviantart.com/ having a issue to get the deposit for the apartment. Here is the details http://www.deviantart.com/journal/URGENT-HELP-2-WEEKS-BEFORE-HOMELESS-446832440 hey guys, yes, i am working on commissions, but right now, i need some help: big time.i still need 982 dollars for my apartment deposit.if i don’t make this money by june 5th, i’m gonna be homeless, and loaded with a shit ton of fees.so, i’m gonna be applying for another job, but i’m gonna leave my paypal available for...

“Equestria Games” Episode Review #brony #bronies #MLPSeason4 0

“Equestria Games” Episode Review #brony #bronies #MLPSeason4

      Hey, everyone! Sorry for getting this review to you late this week. I just recently started a new job at a display solutions company working in the warehouse and I’m full-time until the end of May. So I haven’t exactly had a lot of time to type up reviews. Anyway, let’s get to my review of “Equestria Games.”

Flutter Brigade Roundtable Announcement #guest #brony #bronies #mlpfim 0

Flutter Brigade Roundtable Announcement #guest #brony #bronies #mlpfim

  Hello, everyone. I come to you tonight not to give you a review (at least not yet), but to make an announcement about the Flutter Brigade Roundtable. Fluttershy1989, as well as EdofJVille and I, are looking to have a guest on our podcast next week. If you are interested, please contact us via Fluttershy1989′s YouTube, the Flutter Brigade Twitter (@FlutterBrigade), or the contact form on the Flutter Brigade website. Please be informed that there...

“Trade Ya” Review #bronies #brony #MLPSeason4 #mlpfim 0

“Trade Ya” Review #bronies #brony #MLPSeason4 #mlpfim

  Hello, everyone! Sorry about the dearth of reviews lately. I’ve been out of commission since a little before the muscle biopsy that I had on Friday. I am glad to say, however, that I feel much better now and should be able to write reviews for you all to read  on a more consistent basis (promise!). Now, to the episode review.