Hey, everyone. Sorry that I’m late again for this week’s review (a week late, in fact). I’m going to be having a biopsy in week or so and I’ve been going through a lot of pre-screening for the surgery. So, it’s been appointment after appointment for me. By the time the next episode comes around, though, I should have the biopsy out the way. Anyway, let’s get to the actual review.


ponies not included   2  backup generator by ethanpow d7cuj68 Ponies Not Included: 2 Backup Generator #brony #bronies



Strip made by Micheal (Our other staff artist) I am unaware of any social media he has.

Hello, everyone. I know that last week I said that I wouldn’t be doing the episode review, but things have changed and I have to make sure we have an episode review done before the new episode comes out on Saturday. So, let’s get to the review itself!


Hello, everyone. I know I haven’t really posted much in the last week or so. Things have been a bit hectic at my house and I’ve just gotten the chance to really sit down and do some reviews today. I should be able, however, to get reviews out on a more consistent basis from now on. So, now, let’s get to the art that I’m reviewing today!


A word of wisdom
Pearl of time
Reeled in lines
Identified with crime

Fond for destruction
Omni Terror
Opened Box
Launched Chaos
Silenced cries

The Day has come.

EthanPow, SimplyRarity, Vindex and CrispyChris join us on a podcast. Talking about sucicide and bullies.







Hey every brony, lately I been feeling down… generally after hearing of a brony suicide that happened quite recently… It moved me to make this short video of my words if someone really needs them.

I deal with constant harassment over my fondness for My little Pony: Friendship is magic from my brother. To a point that its uncalled for… If it gets any worse, I will move out of the apartment without any hesitation. Being called “Gay” has a standard term to insult me regardless what ever I do gets on my bad side. Suicide isn’t the answer to your problems, seeking help is… I am still waiting for my help to arrive to fix my issue at home.

If your friend ever considers suicide ,as an option ,take the matter seriously.

It’s been a bit too long to finish this next draft section and get it published, but I have finally gotten around to rounding out this prologue-esque chapter. Plenty more characters coming once the story starts rolling along, looking forward to getting this all into a sound document. Enjoy, Rina Raindrop.

A young mare plays a bright song in broad daylight. The dust of rosin graces it’s way into the air as her bow is pulled across the strings of an old wooden violin, creating luscious vibrations from the worn metal strings.  Her eyes remain shut, blind to the setting sun that lay before her on the horizon. The grass below in the field waves and washes over her legs and hooves, the sound of wind blowing through them almost drowned out by the beauty her instrument was creating. As the last note of her song was bowed, she lifted said bow into the air slowly and triumphantly, yet with poise. She opened her eyes, taking in her surroundings with a slow, elongated inhale. She puts up a smile for no one but herself, and begins to walk back to town. After passing through the fields and into the streets, she was met with a friendly face.

“Hello, Rina!” Said the pony. “Why, hello dear.” She replied, as the two took by one another’s side and trotted into Ponyville Square together.



ponies not included  horse breath by ethanpow d7bih5k Ponies Not Included: 1 Horse Breath

Comic By: gregeyman555

Delta had Onions again on his pizza… therefore Ethan wants to remove the strinky breath.

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