Requesting Artist/Group/Project/Charity sweepers #brony #bronies

This is something I been hinting at a few artists but never really went far with it but I am making a announcement so others want to get themselves more exposure. I WANT TO MAKE THIS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROMOTE ALICORNRADIO IN RETURN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO OR PROCRASTINATION ¬†WE […]

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 BronyCon 2014 Retrospective: Through The Eyes of an Veteran Fan #bronies #mlpfim #brony #BronyCon

Yeah, sorry about the wait for this post, everyone. I’ve been really busy with school and my paid work, so I haven’t really gotten a lot of time for anything else. But anyway, as I promised, I’ll give a retrospective look at BronyCon 2014 as I experienced it. That said, just in case I get […]

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 Hello Update… How art thou… #brony #bronies


Hello everyone, It been sometime since I (Ethan Pow) made a update on this site, I apologize for not doing more things sooner but its clear that its time to update everyone on the status of Alicorn Radio and where its heading. There isn’t much to read other than a new DJ and changes to […]

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